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5 Brake Issues To Look Out for in Your Hyundai

Posted at Mon, Feb 15, 2021 12:00 AM

How’s your Hyundai doing today - good, we suppose? Today we bring you another Hyundai advantage: how to tell or look out for 5 brake issues in your Hyundai.

Your Hyundai and The 5 Brake Issues

Soft Brakes

Your brakes are not supposed to feel soft to the touch. If they do, that is an issue from any of the following: the master cylinder, not having the right quantity of brake fluid flowing from under the hood to your brakes or a damaged wheel bearing. If you notice that your brakes are being soft and it takes a lot of effort for them to release the required friction your Hyundai needs while going from “in motion” to inertia, it is the right time to have them changed.

Sinking Pedals

When your brakes lose the right pressure they should have, the pedals begin giving out a sinking feeling (like going below the surface of the floor where it is situated).

Difficulty in Braking

This is the opposite of Soft Brakes discussed above as point 1. In this case, it is difficult to engage the brakes by pushing it down to get the required friction to slow down or to stop while driving; your brakes feel more difficult either because they are worn out because of steady use or a damaged power booster.

Shaky Effects when You Brake

Your Hyundai should not shake when you step on the brakes; everything should just remain as is except for your vehicle slowing down to a stop. So if it shakes, then the rotors need a replacement ASAP.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is a thing because brakes are always one of the most active components of your car when in motion. Overall, you should have a scheduled maintenance plan for the brakes in your Hyundai in order to prevent any of the aforementioned issues. This is not recommended as a Do-It-Yourself process; you need the services of trained mechanics and professionals that can identify what is wrong with your brakes and find a fitting solution to them: changing a parking brake cable, replacing brake pads or plugging a leak in the master cylinder.

At Advantage Hyundai, we have many of the best brake specialists you can find in Hicksville. Is your Hyundai having any of these five brake issues? Bring it to our dealership at 440 Plainview Road in Hicksville so that our professionals can have a look at your Hyundai and fix these issues. You can also call our Service team at 844-300-7757.

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